Monday, 2 September 2013

:: Lunch Box Notes

I can't decide how I feel about the return to school and preschool this week. For the most part I've really enjoyed having the kids home - relaxed starts in the morning, spending time together, days out and no packed lunches to pack! That all changes tomorrow! 

Lunch box notes  - Poppy Sparkles #parenting #packedlunch #lunchbox

I'm nearly ready for the task of lunch making. I have lunch boxes, drinks bottles, lunch bags and a lunch box pinterest board to collect ideas for what to put in them. I'm also set up for popping a note in each lunch I make. I did little notes in the kids' lunch boxes last year, but not every day. They really loved having a special little note for them, so this year I'm hoping to do a little note for every lunch that I make. 

Lunch box notes  - Poppy Sparkles #parenting #packedlunch #lunchbox
To save time and being stuck for what to write, write a bunch of notes in one go and put them somewhere you can easily grab as and when needed. 
I'm opting for a quick and economical DIY option using sticky notes. To help me include a note in every lunch box I do rather than on an intermittent basis I've started to write some notes and pop them on the inside of a kitchen cupboard ready to use as required. I did these real quick, but may use this as a way to develop my handwriting and doodling skills. I also have some stickers that I can use to pretty up the sticky notes.

If you fancy something a little prettier, you can find a host of beautiful printable lunchbox notes online - check out my pinterest board for some. Or simply use these for inspiration of what to include in your own note. 

And don't feel that this is something just for the kids, I'm sure your love would be delighted to find a sweet note in their packed lunch at work. 

Do you write notes to go in with packed lunches? How did your kids respond to these? 

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  1. I haven't put any notes in my children's lunchboxes yet but I know people who do. I might have to try it this term and see what they make of it!

  2. Hi Dawn! Thanks for stopping by. Do give it a go - I'm sure they'll love it. My two love them. Miss P was made up with her note today and J is looking forward to lunchtime when he's back at school on Thursday! xo